Kindest, most patient! They take their time and always listen. Never rush to get you out of the door. Knowledgeable and truly care about yout pets. My dogs are healthy and happy because of them! I have been going there for 17 years and will never go anywhere else!

I didn’t expect much because we had brought our bulldog to 3 different vets for the same issue (recurring eye infections), and we were already scheduled to see a specialist for the issue. Anyway, today we brought our guy in here for an annual/new patient exam and were in here almost 2 hours. Mentioned the eye infections in passing and after some tests, and much to my surprise found out our dog has chronic dry eye in one eye and glacoma in both eyes. Sad, but relieved to have a diagnosis. Dr. Stewart was the most thorough and knowledgeable vet I’ve ever to! If you’re going anywhere else you are wasting your money! So lucky to have this vet nearby. Love the office cats too, my daughter 1.5 year old was a huge fan. Thank you.
~court m

Miss Ivy is my newly adopted cat and she was seen by Dr. Gray. We had really good care, Ivy received the necessary rabies shot and was calm throughout the appointment. Dr. Gray and the technician both handled her gently and she did not appear the least bit stressed. We will surely come back.

Fortunately,Dr Stewart and his staff are much better at providing the very best care for my Abby than i am at composing a review. They are easy to reach out to, and allay my concerns for her health. In addition to vaccines and teeth cleaning, they sell the heartworm and flea/tick meds to me at a competitive price plus my senior discount. Thank you.
~Fred Butler

I love all of the amazing folks who work here! Always so kind and helpful and willing to help me find a solution even if it’s not them.
One of very few offices that take in litters to adopt out.
Can’t say enough good things.
~Katherine Snavely

What a great place! My kitten had his first checkup and the staff was all very kind and took care of us. I think this is our spot now. 🙂
~Levi Whalen

My dog has severe megaE, she is difficult and these folks have my back every time she is in need of attention. Knowledgeable staff, kind, friendly, and always helpful.
~Ivy Bowers-Jones-Hanemann

Dr Stewart is thorough and diligent. He found an issue with our dog that 2 other vets missed and saved us thousands. I highly recommend this clinic. Truly a blessing.
~Jacob Mullins